Logistics Is King

Earlier today I was on a bus, a PSV, I needed to get a package to a client ASAP. No other means would have been speedy enough while maintaining low cost.

Now, on the bus, there was a lady. She was seated opposite me on the aisle. On the seat that conductors are supposed to be seated on, but for financial reasons they do not.

If you have used a bus, you know the seat. It's next to the door. Very convenient if you are alighting along the way, or you need to give the conductor instructions.

when we got close to Roysambu, we were exactly at TRM on the highway heading to Roysambu. There is a bump before you get to the roundabout.

This is where the lady was told by the conductor to call “ the guy” and the driver was told that there was a package being picked by the lady from someone who was supposed to be at the “ Roysambu stage”

It got me interested because I've been in logistics for a good number of years. I knew from how they handled that situation that they could not possibly make it.

As it follows, the lady made the call, informing the person who was supposed to give the luggage to the bus that we were already at the bump, and she asked if he could see the bus approaching.

She also added that the bus was not going to use the service lane as expected but was using the highway.

So, he was supposed to come towards the bus ( since at this point the lady was assuming that the guy was at the Roysambu stage )

The guy on the other end of the phone said he was at MIREMA!

Now, you see, though Mirema is a few minutes away and he was on a motorbike, there is no WAY he could make it to the bus on time to hand over the package.

I knew that, the conductors knew that at a moment's notice too. At the door, they made a split-second decision to proceed without wasting time, the driver also knew that instantly.

The only person who was left without a realization was the lady who was to pick the package while on transit. She definitely was forced into a conclusion as the package was more important, so she alighted to wait for it as we proceeded with the journey.

How would I have done it?

First, upon the bus leaving town, I would have informed the person who was to bring the package along the road.

Second, halfway through the journey, at least at mountain mall, I would have made a second call, telling them that they should be at the road or getting there at that time.

Third would have been at USIU informing them of any changes from the bus guys, meaning if they are using the service lane or the main highway, just for adjustment purposes.

There would be no fourth call.

Good at logistics is as much being precise without time-wasting which leads to financial implications.

It would have been cheaper for the lady to collect on transit. Alighting to pick and get a different bus changes the financial aspect of it. Definitely made it more expensive.

Yes, it's a small item but it also happens for larger orders, they mess up everything.




People's servant.

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Jay B

Jay B

People's servant.

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