Raila getting played.

We still don’t believe that the DP and the president are engaged in a dick measuring political contest. It seems juvenile and petty. Again their supporters are watching and think that their man is being embarrassed and humiliated at their expense.

The problem with this situation is that while the president may chest thump in other ways behind the visual cover in private, he can only do so at the expense of alienating a whole region of supporters who most of the time do not protest their humiliation by means of a public protest but by hurting other people savagely.

Then again if their strategy is to provoke such conclusions so as to remove the Dp from the picture altogether, it must be highly tactical that the Dp hasn’t been provoked enough in this exchange of hostilities.

Since you assume that he may react as you expect, this will not be his way of reaction, considering that we have a new currency because of this war, the DP has managed to outfox the state and has outwitted them in very simple elections. Seems like the security chiefs and NIShonchos got permission to do their worst on this front or do away with him or find a way to bring him to heel.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the DP’s money seems to be out of reach to state players, seeing as the reason to change our currency was to keep him under a tight leash they managed to evade this and caught some of their own people in the aftermath.

Doing meetings in other countries just complicates spying for the NIS and that’s why they have to get him here and keep him here all the way to the elections so that he can do nothing to jeopardize term extensions if any.

Most of the government's resources currently are being used heavily to spy on Dr.Ruto while the privileges he might enjoy are accorded to Raila Odinga in a reversal of roles.

While the situation the DP faces makes people sympathetic, it will not be enough for him to manage to wrestle the presidency from Uhuru and Jakom.

He needs to employ different strategies against the state, which he will soon, but not in form of demonstrations, they are not his thing but there are several ways he will achieve this distinction.

First, he needs to get his communications hardened some more which he has managed, his meeting in Uganda may have been either a financial one or a strategy one but it has something big to it.

They may find a way to hold such a meeting under the noses of the NIS but it's yet to be seen how they will do it.

One thing that’s yet to be seen is Uhuru going to central or Raila or them going to rift valley where no one has the controls of the crowds that much.

Raila has started making trips to central, not big ones though, just meeting with some leaders.

A lot of questions remain unanswered but we can conclude that it is Raila who is getting played, or the political class is playing us.




People's servant.

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Jay B

People's servant.

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