Rashid Echesa and other Rabbit stories

Reading on the Echesa matter, the in-between, the lines point out to a scenario in which Echesa was duped rather than the other way round.

The story has been planted in the public’s imagination.
“ planted “ very meticulously and without any accompanying questions.
This may be a very clever ploy to cast a long shadow in the deputy president’s political networks and cause suspicion in his camp. Then again it also propagates the idea that he can purchase arms, do you see where this may be going?

From a propaganda point of view the next step is “ arms were found at a certain residence, ” then boom, a perfect excuse to round up the political players.

It cannot be possible to sign such deals that involve military hardware without involving the military top brass. In addition, a lot and intensive security background checks are usually carried out by companies that are selling the equipment. Our own country’s military intelligence and the civilian internal security apparatus usually also carry out clearances.

So, if this plan was formulated by government actors, then it had a green-light to go ahead and entrap a marked person, 50 million is a small amount of money in the context of the bigger picture. The bigger picture here being ensnaring someone.

Either way, the side making arrests has won on the first phase of this political play, a next step is coming, you should not be surprised where this heads.
In such stories, they need to have some sort of descriptive names for people privy to the investigations, such shady characters, are often quoted as insiders to these deals who cannot be identified. They are often ‘ speaking on conditions of anonymity. “

In an expected move, the military will distance itself and the ministry of defense will brush away the matter as scandalous. Obviously, that’s not how they procure weapons. In all cases, these stories are planted in the media to create juicy stories in the publics' mind.

These political machinations were frequent during the Kenyatta succession that saw Moi rise to power. They were also there when Jomo Kenyatta was president and oginga odinga was a deputy president.

Nothing to be surprised about, they are playing the game by the book.




People's servant.

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Jay B

Jay B

People's servant.

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