The day i met Kirubi

Most people go through life unaware of what they want, I find it nauseating that anyone would not know exactly where they are heading. It surprises me even today how a simple habit led me into one of the most important meetings of my life. Had that encounter not happened, I would not write this story which i have to tell by all means possible.

what started out as a letter delivery in one of the buildings in cbd led me to an encounter that I had not expected, in a lift, I shared space with one of the most eccentric, easily recognizable businessmen who is often gallivanting around Nairobi.

you see, I listen to talk shows at times when I can, I always find them to be pretty mundane, but I keep listening out of habit, they rile me up and I often have something to say when I encounter people, I cannot make stories out of thin air, I prefer some basis to it. Conversations often start from here.

Now, on this particular day, noticing that the person directly opposite me was the business magnate of immense reputation, I decided to take the opportunity to make contact, I was not fazed or dreamy as many would have been, it has never been a problem for me. In my mind, I thought there must have been a reason for the meeting to be in this sort of way, so I complained by asking a question on why this chap supported the eating of fat mongooses.

From the change of his facial expression, I obviously expected him to deny ever making such a statement out rightly, he was as shocked as I was disgusted by the topic, of course, I have nothing against eating a fat mongoose but I don’t see a situation where someone would waste precious time hunting the poor mongrels its a colossal waste of time, and thinking that such a wealthy person would be engaged in such activities is mind-boggling.

He immediately went on the defensive, denying and saying that I had mistaken him with someone else as I was making up questionable tales, I was adamant that it was him and no one else, he did not know that I had evidence from my what’s app group. There was a photo from one of the groups, he was holding a dead mongoose, it seemed like it had been hit using a blunt object and had been hung like a goat to be skinned,

The picture had him in a vest, big jungle short and sandals holding a machete, he analyzed the photo carefully and at last admitted that he was indeed the one, although he was a lover of roasted mongoose he claimed to have left the habit for better meats.

As unbelievable as it was, I ended up with an appointment for a meeting later that week for advice on how my groundnuts business would take off by leaps and bounds with his own personal financial input and advice.

I would like to thank Joseph kirubi kamau for the business advice and financial assistance he gave me while starting business, my groundnuts business has never been the same since, I felt the need to share this story for all the young people to get a blueprint of how to approach wealthy people, use decorum and have a background on a good conversational point.

May God bless you.

People's servant.