The Palestinians are Weak, this is what they should do.

Jay B
3 min readMay 15, 2021


I have a friend, who a few years back, went to Israel then Jordan for some work. Apart from work duties he had a chance to interact with Palestinians in Jordan and Israelis in both Israel and Jordan. This was to get a feel of the conflict, why it persists, and how it started.

It was apparently obvious that the conflict is a cash cow for both Palestinian authorities and the well off of that society. It also benefited the Israeli government in its political maneuvers to justify other aspects of the society.

To most other people the conflict seems nonsensical. The propaganda that is parrotted and propagated by western media houses favors whichever side the USA wants to create policies for. The truth is very different.

Years since the conflict began and generations later, it's noticeable that it’s a lack of leadership and ambition from the Palestinians as opposed to having an occupational force hindering their limits. The North Koreans managed and learned the hard way that there is no place for weakness in this world.

Yes, the North Koreans have been under sanctions for the longest time but they still manage on their own terms. Even at the negotiating table, they arrive well armed with an ability to cause injury to adverseries. Palestinians tit for tat tactics only work to injure their society more.

Force is not the answer to an adversary who is well armed in preparation for that conflict. Outmaneuvering and tit for tat score-settling will come later when you have the right ideology and are well-armed.

The Vietnamese learned the hard way, the Chinese learned the hard way, the Koreans know and practice these tactics.

The main Palestinian propaganda of martyrdom doesn’t work to create better terms for the residents, just fuels more death and desperation. Ideology should be on constant improvement. Conflict should be deterred by assurances that you can inflict pain and death on your adversaries at an equal scale to what they do.

Sending kids and members of your forces to their early death armed with knives doesn’t inspire anyone. It starts with ideology first then a demonstration of power before you get to the table to negotiate better terms.

A very present example is the conflict that’s in progress between the USA and China, these are almost equal adversaries on every front, be it digital be it on military spheres or economically.

Both countries know that any conflict between them won't be settled in a military showdown. The weapons they will field will bring the theatre of war to the US mainland.

The same threat is posed by Russians. That’s why they survive peacefully and do what they want on their own terms.

Compromise is only by equals, if you lack in weaponry you will be crushed.