Tic Tac UFOs and 666

UFO as described by sightings around 1964

When you think about aliens, in this case, ‘ creatures from somewhere else that we don’t know.’ we are most likely to associate them with gods or evil spirits. This is because it’s the simplest way for us to explain it to most of our folk who are deep into bible teachings.

It will be hard to explain this to them. Especially so with Aliens reports being exposed in 2021 against the backdrop of a global pandemic. This will only reinforce religious beliefs by our fellow citizens whose alien life begins and ends in God and the angels.

They already think the world is ending, they already think the virus is a way to pave for the 666 devil's number on our foreheads. In western nations they say it's chipping via a small computer, here in Kenya they say it’s the vaccine and huduma cards.

You may say that all this is bullshit and that no one would think that the vaccine and corona are from the devil but no, Up to 88% of our Kenyan folk really believe that

  1. Corona is a SCAM and
  2. The vaccine is from the devil himself ( and they stress that they will not forsake their faith in God to take it. )

From the above, really,

How do I explain to my fellow citizens about UFOs and Aliens who possess advanced flying equipment, being spotted and captured on camera by non-other than the USA warships?

How do I explain that it would be catastrophic if we made contact with advanced aliens?

How do I explain that the aliens are not gods and neither does god exist in the context of an advanced form of life?

We may be just a lab experiment and exposing our makers gives enough reason for them to shut it all down.

How do I debate this without my folk thinking … “he is the crazy one, he needs to repent and accept Jesus.”

The USA will be releasing UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) details in about two weeks to congress.

From what I see going around we may be shocked about this even much more than we anticipate.

How do we prepare our comrades from these shattering revelations? What else will they ever believe in?

People's servant.