Uhuru’s Term Extension Imminent

Uhuru is most likely at 98% preparing for a third term. All who think the idea is far-fetched are wishful thinkers.

To secure a third term, most presidents first prepare the way. You have to get support from major world powers. In this case, our politics are influenced by the USA and Britain, France has been making inroads as well after losing on DRC from the USA.

Next, you must create the proper financial incentive to ensure your plan succeeds. These financial incentives are not for the citizens. Your major backers are often paid. These backers need to be content with the current payment plans while at the same time securing good future prospects.

Citizens will just want peace irrespective of the person in power.

After all, what are you going to do? Fight the government? How?

So, if his political cronies are getting paid, and the opposition has been made weak, the international communities are also having their interests are taken care of, who cares if the person runs for a third or fourth term legally!

Uhuru can always make whatever he wants legal at any time. Parliament is there to rubberstamp his laws.

In various outlets, Uhuru’s trips to France and elsewhere were covered nicely, with the main point being put as him cementing his legacy. That’s not how these foreign trips to France work.

If you were guessing exactly what happens, you'd rather go with a summon from them and you would not be wrong.

Uhuru needs those trips first to get favorable deals for finances and military support, then at some point, political support. These are very important for regime extension beyond term limits.

Meanwhile, it will be peddled that Ruto is worse than the devil reincarnate.

Just note that these are just narratives being peddled around to prepare the masses for an extension of the terms. By then they will all agree that it's better for anyone else than Ruto.

Another thing that may determine how this goes is the health of the incumbent, if he is physically fit, there is no need to cut off a tree that’s bearing good fruit.

Uhuru will be here for some time.

Note that, if Ruto was preparing to take over after Uhuru, he would be doing these trips to secure his backing and let the international community know that he will maintain the status quo.



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